Youth Hunt

Young Disciples Hunting Trip

Hello Everyone,

Just two weeks ago we completed our second annual Bow Hunting trip with some of our young men involved in the Young Disciples group. These young men prepared months in advance for an opportunity to participate in an outdoor activity that few urban young adults would consider. We had a blast! 7 of us total attended – 5 young guys and 2 leaders.

We began the Bow-hunting class back in August with the goal of developing absolute confidence in their abilities to shoot a bow. We also walked them through the process of studying and receiving their hunters safety certificate. Next, we showed them the skill of tracking a deer through the forest and finally, we had them shoot from an elevated position. As a result four deer were shot and harvested and for all of these guys this was their first time experiencing this.

We want to give a huge thank you for supporting these types of experiences for these young men. These type of experiences open a larger view of healthy activities that fulfill a young man’s desire for adventure. Thank you so much for your support! We also want to thank Buckeye Creek Outfitters for giving us a massive discount on our stay and for their hard work with these guys.

Saved by Grace,

Derek Polansky
Created for More Ministries